For Japan: Compassion and a Commitment

A 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by a killer tsunami then compounded by a nuclear accident at a damaged power plant.

The gravity of the tragedy facing Japan is almost incomprehensible.

At WorkSafe Technologies, we want to extend our compassion to all Japanese people as a great nation struggles to overcome one of the worst natural disasters in its history. 

Japan has long been known for both its preparedness and its resilience. As high as the death toll may climb from this disaster, there is no question that the earthquake and tsunami early warning systems the country has in place saved thousands of lives. We know that thanks to the determined spirit of its resilient citizens, Japan will recover – and we are committed to aiding this recovery in the way we know best.

Japan’s focus on preparedness is directly responsible for it being WorkSafe Technologies’ largest customer nation. Our ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platforms for protecting computing and networking equipment are the de facto standard in data centers of businesses and government agencies throughout Japan, including Sendai, the largest city near the epicenter.

According to all reports we’ve received to date, despite intense and prolonged shaking, all equipment protected by ISO-Base™ seismic isolation platforms is intact and there has been no lost operational activity as a result of the mega-earthquake or aftershocks, except what was caused by loss of power to these facilities.

Going forward, WorkSafe Technologies’ commitment to our customers throughout Japan is simple. We are here and ready to provide any support you need to ensure every ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platform will continue to successfully perform its design function during this very difficult time – and in the better days to come.

Download letter from WorkSafe Technologies in Japanese


ISO-Base: A simple solution for a complex problem

The fundamental principle of base isolation is renowned throughout the world as the preferred method for safeguarding buildings and bridges from the damaging effects of earthquakes. WorkSafe Technologies developed ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Technology with this principle in mind.

ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platforms work by using the principle of base isolation to decouple seismic shock and vibration from equipment through the use of our patented Ball-N-Cone™ Technology. This eliminates or dramatically reduces the path on which damaging shock waves and vibrations can travel.


Anchored Cabinet vs. Cabinet on an ISO-Base Platform            Bolted Cabinet :: Shock and vibrations travel through and are more likely to damage the equipment            ISO-Base :: reduces the path on which damaging shock waves and vibrations can travel


ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platforms are in use in Data Centers and all types of computer rooms for seismic mitigation of server cabinets, mainframes, electronic enclosures, and many other types of critical equipment. It has also been used to prevent other kinds of shock and vibration, besides seismic, from damaging computer equipment. The ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platform achieves its superiority by being a simple solution to a complex problem; one that is easy to install and virtually maintenance free, as well as one that provides mitigation that is far superior to traditional methods like bolting to the sub-floor or stiffening of the cabinet frames.

For more information or to purchase the ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platform, contact your local WorkSafe Technologies Representative.